FAMILY / Square tartlet
Dish name – Dried fruit and sugar-glass tartlet
Serves 12
Professional and family use
The day before, mix the following dried fruits together in a bowl: 2 figs, 3 dates, 10 currents, 2 dried apricots, pine nuts and toasted sliced almonds. Dice all the ingredients finely. Marinate them with a glass of muscatel and leave them in the fridge for 8 to 12 hours. Three-quarter-fill the tartlets with this mixture and then make the glass lid. In a pan, heat 100 g isomalt sugar until it melts and then cook for 5 min at 95 ºC. After this time, turn the tartlets upside down and dip them in the sugar. Next, lift them slowly until the desired length has been obtained. Cut with scissors and serve.